Separate fixing clip

Separate fixing clip for ball caster

Separate fixing clip for ball caster
Separate fixing clip for ball caster cut drawing
Separate fixing clip for ball castertop view
Designation Material Dimensioning for ball unit / borehole
Ø D2 (mm) Ø D3 (mm) H1(mm)
Tolerances +/- 0.2 +/- 0.2 +/- 0.2
Spring rings / Fixing clips for ball transfer units
02680 1.4310 15.875 24 31 / Ø 24.80-26.00
02681 22.225 36 45 / Ø 36.80-38.00
30.000 45 55 For follow soon!

Design & construction

Our Schulz separate fixing clip assits installation and compensates for irregular bore diameter.


Fixing clip: stainless steel (t 0,30 mm – 1.4310)


Our Schulz clamp spring washers/fixing clips for euro ball transfer units allow ball transfers units to be mounted and removed from the installation (upper) side. Our clips requires a minimum plate thickness of 3 mm to grip securely.

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